2015-2017 Chief & Council 

Chief William (Billy) Morin



William (Billy) Morin IV (Nahtokitopi – Rides a Sacred Horse) was newly elected to the responsibility of Chief in August 2015. Chief Morin is a fifth generation direct decedent of Chief Alexis Morin and fourth-generation decedent of his Son Chief William (Billy) Morin I. He shares two sons (William Morin V & Wilton Morin) with his wife Felecia.

Characterized by youth and education, Chief Morin is the youngest Chief in the modern history of Enoch Cree Nation. Having achieved a diploma in Civil Engineering Technology and a Bachelor of Technology Management from NAIT; it is his hope that many youth of Enoch take a similar educational journey in order to better serve the Nation and its people. Championing Enoch Cree Nation’s new strategic direction – “Investing In Our Future To Protect Our Past”

Morin supports the following strategic priorities:

  • Creating a new governance structure away from the Indian Act towards sovereignty
  • Financial Transparency and Accountability
  • Long-term community planning in Land Use, Health, Housing and Infrastructure
  • Life Long learning and education as a primary value amongst membership
  • Traditional Cree Culture Language and Ceremony revival
  • Empowerment of Enoch’s people – moving them away from dependency

Councillor Shane Morin



Shane Morin, son to John A. Morin and Gladys Morin, brother to Shawn, Erin and Josh Morin grew up in Maskêkosak (Enoch Cree Nation) and attended Kitaskinaw School up to grade 9, subsequently attending high school at St. Francis Xavier in Edmonton. Shane is happily married to his wife Megan and together they share two daughters Ocean and Elena, along with one son Callum.

His post-secondary education includes attending the University of Alberta for a year under their Transition Year Program, and a year in the Accelerated Accounting Program at Grant MacEwan College. After realizing accounting wasn’t the field of interest for him, Shane switched into the Business Management Program through Athabasca University as offered at Yellowhead Tribal College. After three years of this he began working at the Oskya Gas Bar.  He bounced the next few years between Oskya, North on 60, Wal-Mart, Wingate Inn and some random part time labour jobs until 2003. This is when Shane became the Executive Assistant to the Chief Ron Morin.  He did that for one term and in 2005, he ran for the fourth time in Enoch’s election and was honoured to be elected and have the opportunity to represent the members of Enoch as a Council Member for Enoch Cree Nation. Every day he is humbled to serve Enoch as a leader with the people’s support and collaboration.

He has had the honour of sitting in leadership since that time and has held many portfolios from Administration, Health, Finance, Education, Housing, Elders, Consultation, Community Safety, along with sitting on the Mechet Charities Board and has been a cheque signer since his first inauguration. Shane current oversees the Administration and Infrastructure Divisions in his sixth term, and he looks forward to developing strategic plans and governance and other community driven instruments that will have far reaching and positive impacts for our children.

Shane has always run on a platform of honesty, openness and hard work. Recently his own journey has led him to add traditional ways to that list. He is learning what it means to be nehiyawak and how traditional values play a role in his position as a leader in Enoch and the environment. The balance of the two types of education, the nehiyawak way and the western education, is his current aspiration so he may not only be a great leader for his Nation but also the best father, husband, son, brother and friend he can be to everyone in his life. Hiy hiy.

Councillor Nola Wanuch



Nola Wanuch was first elected as Council member for Enoch Cree Nation July 2009. She is now serving her fourth term in office, currently overseeing the Health and Education Divisions. Throughout the past six years in Leadership, Nola has also held the Finance, Income Support and Health portfolios.

Nola has a diploma in Business Administration, with an Accounting major, from the Lethbridge Community College. She has worked for 15 years in the banking industry and 7 years in the Accounting and Management fields before shifting her focus to the Nation. Nola had a yearning to gain valuable work experience, complimented by her education, with the intent of contributing her knowledge gained for the betterment of the Nation.

This term in office, Nola is one of the team leaders working diligently on the Early Childhood Development Initiative, the Cree Language Initiative as well as the Health as a Business model.

Nola is the middle of five children born to the late Oliver Ward and late Dorothy E. Ward. She and her husband Raymond are the parents to three children and grandparents to four grandsons.

Nola’s vision for the Nation is to be a healthy, self-sufficient, prosperous and vibrant Nation while maintaining our Cree identity.

Councillor John Thomas Jr.



John Thomas Jr. is a proud member of Enoch Cree Nation from the Treaty No. 6 Territory.  He was first elected into council in 2011 and is currently in his third consecutive term as Council member.  John is a strong advocate for Education, Health, Treaties, Cree Laws & Traditions and enhancing Enoch’s Economic Development ventures.  Kisik Kasakowa tahk is John’s Cree name, which translates to “Universal War Cry.”  His passion for culture, traditions and language has inspired him to learn the Cree language and thus, has become the first leader from Enoch Cree in decades to address his people in their native tongue.

During his first two terms he held portfolios in Infrastructure, Public Works, Community Improvement, Food Bank and Culture.  Some accomplishments from those terms include:


  • Initiated and lead project for the completion of a Water and Waste/Water feasibility study,
  • Implementation of a Solid Waste Transfer Station study and project planning


  • Responsible for the restructuring, enhancement and name change to Maskekosak Cultural Program and approved Program Proposal and Policies, including offering Cree class and traditional teachings on a weekly basis.
  • Development of an annual Maskekosak Cultral Camp
  • Regeneration of traditional ceremonies to the nation
  • Lead the negotiation for a new pow wow arbor in Enoch

This term Enoch has moved away from the portfolio system and into a new structure characterized by divisions.  John currently sits on the Human Resource Division and Education Division along with his colleagues.  In the Education division John is proud to be part of a team working on a comprehensive Cree Language Strategy for Enoch Cree Nation.

John is happily married to Shannon Alexis, and is the father of one child, Faustina.   He enjoys the outdoors, hunting, fishing, drumming and singing, playing hockey and coaching.

Councillor Councillor Lyle (GeeJoe) Morin


Councillor Lorna Morin



Lorna Morin (Red Eagle Woman) is currently in her 3rd year of office as an elected leader for the Enoch Cree Nation (Maskekosak).

Romeo and Isabel Morin were her parents of which she is the fourth oldest of 7 children. Lorna has 5 children; Morgan, Kriston, Timothy, Wyatt and Alexis.

Many traits of gardening, sewing, cooking and volunteering for many community events were inherited from her parents.  Her family was actively involved in sports since a young age and that is why her ladies’ hockey team continues to be a starting point for the younger generation of ladies today.  One of her other role models besides her parents was Kathleen Thomas; In her younger years she mentored her to organize rodeos, hockey tournaments and many other community events. Working along side this great neighbour/woman and her parent’s attribute to the type of lifestyle she lives today.

Her dad served 24 years as an elected leader for Enoch Cree Nation and many constructive criticism debates are what she misses the most with him. Her mom was the backbone of their family unit and kept all of them accountable for their actions!

This year her current two divisions assigned to her as a leader are Education and Health, which are putting forward a Cree Language Initiative and Health as a business initiative for these divisions. Hiy hiy.

Councillor Michelle Wilsdon



Michelle Wilsdon is the granddaughter of Late Broxy and Louise Morin (maternal grandparents) and the Late Evelyn and Henry White (paternal grandparents).  Michelle’s parents are Karen White and Jim White from Enoch Cree Nation. She is happily married to her husband of four years, and is blessed with a large extended family.

Prior to stepping into the role as a Council member for Enoch Cree Nation in August 2015, Michelle worked for seven years in partnership with the Federal and Provincial governments, First Nations, industry and numerous organizations from coast-to-coast with a focus on community economic development and resource management. Michelle’s formal education includes a B.Sc. from the University of Victoria, Certificate of Indigenous Peoples Resource Management Program from the University of Saskatchewan, and Professional designation as a Certified Aboriginal Lands Manager.

Michelle believes that the strongest communities put our children at the center of every decision and that important decisions affecting our future must be made with the guidance of our elders. She believes that sustainability must be the guiding principle by which we grow our community; a balanced approach to development will ensure that we protect and strengthening the future for our children.

Councillor Amanda Morin



Amanda Morin was elected into the Enoch Cree Nation Council in 2015. Her educational background in Business Administration and Human Resources, and with previous experience in working with the Federal government and non-governmental organizations compliments the Administration and Finance divisions for Enoch Cree Nation.

It is important to Amanda to continue building on the vision of Enoch Cree Nation’s predecessors and through the guidance of our Elders. She continues to support her community on “working together” (mamawihkamatowin) as her Nation continues to build on becoming self-sufficient, unified and prosperous.

Her values and commitment as a mother and grandmother and with the support of her spouse Mick Cardinal, she will serve her community of Enoch Cree Nation with fairness and transparent communication.

Councillor Shane Peacock



Shane Peacock is a proud member of Enoch Cree Nation and is honoured to serve his membership on Council.

Shane was born and raised in Enoch Cree Nation by parents Clark and Carolyn Peacock. He and his wife Trina have three young children together Kinsley, Kendon and Kalea.

Shane left the Nation at the age of 14 to pursue his hockey dreams. He was drafted by the Pittsburgh Penguins and played the majority of his 16-year professional career in the German Elite League. After retiring from hockey Shane was fortunate to return back to Enoch and contribute to the Nation as the General Manager of the River Cree Twin Rinks for two years.

As a newly elected Councillor Shane is dedicated to preserving and honouring his culture and teachings while balancing the development of the Nation to the capacity Enoch deserves.

Shane believes moving forward together with this balance, the common goal of building a healthy, sustainable, prosperous and independent Enoch will be achieved.

Councillor Kelly Morin