Our Vision, Mission, and Values help guide us in the work we do everyday.

Vision Statement

We strive to be a self-sufficient, unified, and prosperous Nation. 

Mission Statement

We, the Enoch Cree Nation, proud member of Treaty 6, actively seek to preserve and promote our culture, language, history, and spirituality while advancing our economic, education, health, and social well-being of our people.  

  • Honesty – ka kwayasksihcikêwinik or kwayask itâtisiwin
  • Respect – kihcêyihtowin or manâcihtowin
  • Balance – mîyo pimâtisiwin
  • Integrity – kwayaskâtisîwin
  • Fairness – peyakwan êsi kanawâpamat ayisîynîw
  • Transparency – ê kanawapatêhiwêhk
  • Growth – ê akamêmototamihk
  • Commitment – asotâmawin
  • Mutual Support – sîtoskâtowin
  • Empowerment – mâmawi wîcihitôwin