Edmonton Expo Centre – Isolation Shelter

The City of Edmonton, Government of Alberta, Alberta Health Services, Boyle McCauley Health Centre, and Homeward Trust are collaborating on a unified response to the COVID-19 pandemic for the vulnerable population in the city of Edmonton. Vulnerable populations, in this setting, encompass persons experiencing homelessness or utilizing homeless shelters.

The Edmonton Expo Centre Isolation Shelter is open 24/7 to persons who meet the following criteria: 1. Experiencing COVID-19 like symptoms or have been possibly COVID-19 exposed or confirmed COVID-19 positive. These symptoms include • Coughing (new, and significant) • Fever (above 38C degrees) • Shortness of breath 2. Need to complete a period of self-isolation but are unable to do so because they do not have a home and would otherwise be sleeping in a shelter.

Clients without any symptoms will be redirected to the Edmonton Expo Day Shelter space in Hall A between the hours of 0800-2000.

Individuals who are displaying symptoms but that have stable housing will not be admitted to the Edmonton Expo Isolation Centre. Currently, Isolation can only support individuals who do not have a home where they can stay safely. Referring agencies will also need to consider transportation for clients to the Expo site.

We are unable to at this time support the following: • People who have COVID-like symptoms severe enough to require oxygen • Bariatric patients (cots have a maximum weight allowance of 400lbs) • Requiring assistance with activities of daily living (such as toileting, or bathing) • Mobility problems (must be able to transfer on and off low cots and manage stairs into portable showers and portable toilets) • The Edmonton Expo site is not able to accommodate children or pets

If you have an appropriate person for the Expo Isolation Centre, please call the Boyle McCauley nurse on call at 587-930-8713 to arrange for intake. Clients should be directed to Entrance 1 at the Edmonton Expo Centre for intake into the facility with the exception of confirmed COVID-19 positive. The nurse will provide intake directions for COVID positive patients prior to transport.

Primary health care services are being provided on site by the Boyle McCauley Health Centre, including treatment of substance use disorders, and continuation of all required daily medication