Project Description

Enoch Cree Nations Administration includes Enoch Cree Nations Executive Staff. The Executive Staff includes the Chief Operating Officer whom is fully accountable for the review and the ongoing implementation and recommendations for Enoch Cree Nation, ensures the organization is operating as efficiently as possible, oversees the Division Managers, Executive Directors, Department Operations, Administration Financial Management, Administrations, & Project Services and Management.

Department Description

The Administration Division is a trusted partner with the Nation’s leadership, management and members in helping ECN achieve its vision and mission.

Department Services

  • Enoch Cree Nation Operations department insure compliance with funding agreements and stakeholders.

  • Primary responsibilities are planning, implementing, managing and controlling all Operations, performance reporting, advice to Chief and Council, Administration & Projects activities within the organization.

  • Enoch Operations insures all Enoch’s Departments and Programs do perform in accordance with ECN’s Policy and Procedures.

  • Enoch Operations duties does include the review and operations of terms, contracts, and policy and procedures

  • Enoch Cree Nations Operating Office is fully transparent, emphasizes organizational and community benefits, communication and collaboration between Chief and Council, business partners and stakeholders

  • Administration department generates weekly reports, office duties, corresponds with the departments, employees, finance, human resources, managers and Chief & Council.

Contact Information

Ron Minks – Chief Operations Officer

Finance Department

The Finance Division is a trusted partner with the Nation’s leadership, management and members in helping ECN achieve its vision and mission.

Our Finance Department provides the Nation, its leaders and employee’s, the following services:

  • Financial and performance reporting and advice to Chief and Council and Enoch’s Departments and Programs in accordance with ECN’s Financial Administration Law.
  • Accounting services including payroll, accounts payable, accounts receivable, banking, account reconciliation, grant management, capital assets, insurance, budgeting, audit compliance, consolidated financial reporting and analysis.
  • Maintain financial systems, processes and internal controls to protect the Nation’s assets

Contact Information

Keith Salmon CPA, CA – Chief Financial Officer
Candace Burnstick – Director Financial Reporting & Audit Compliance
Nick Nath, CPA, CGA, CAFM – Financial Controller
Rhonda Williams – Manager Accounting
Dean Alexander – Capital Assets and Insurance Coordinator

Human Resources Department

Human Resources acts as a strategic business partner, responsible in providing strategic and tactical guidance, direction and coaching to the Enoch Cree Nation’s programs. Provides interdepartmental alignment to meet Enoch Cree Nation’s overall goals and objectives.
Human Resources provides the following five main functions:
  • Recruitment – provides support to hiring managers for job posting, interviews, on boarding.
  • Job Safety – provides recommendations to the Nation relating to health and safety of employees.
  • Employee Relations – assists in the administration of HR policies and procedures, these areas include assisting in progressive discipline, investigating employment issues following policy, legislation, human rights, harassment, attendance management, health and safety, accommodation and modified duties.
  • Employee Benefits – handling the administrative requirements of the employment benefit plan. Administration of Manulife benefits, communicates changes to the plan, guidance on how to use benefits.

  • Training and development – building capacity within Enoch Cree Nation, specialized training to carry out functions, and tuition assistance

Contact Information

Jonathan Morin – Human Resources Director
Natasha Minks – Recruitment and Retention Coordinator
Tyson Peacock – Benefits Coordinator
April Morin – HR Assistant
Jenny Morin – Admin Assistant

The Enoch Echo

The Enoch Echo is a monthly publication which provides not only educational information, but entertainment value as well. It successfully continues to promotes positive lifestyle choices, community awareness and is a means for members to communicate thoughts, ideas, opinions and creativity to and with each other.

The Echo typically runs 24-40 full color, glossy pages. However, for special events such as the Powwow, it may run longer to showcase the event with pictures and information of it.

500 copies per month are published and available for community members by picking it up at the store (North on 60) or the Administration Office. Mail out requests are now available by contacting us with your address. It is published around the first of each month, with a deadline of the 20th of the prior month.

Mission Statement

The Enoch Echo is a Non-Profit Organization dedicated to the promotion of education and awareness of social issues as a means of intervention, as well as providing an effective means of communication between leadership and the community. The Enoch Echo also encourages community participation in Enoch Cree Nation programs, as well as an outlet for the creativity of our community from youth to Elders.


The Enoch Echo was initially started in the 1970’s and was no longer in print for a number of years until July 2004. Since that time, its purpose has been to bring the community news, information about social programs and issues to the community.

Your Involvement

The Enoch Echo is striving to focus more on the charitable programs and we need more input from the community to be made aware of the events and programs that are available. The Echo is a chance to show pride in our community. Please contact us prior to the 20th of each month if you have something to add to the Echo.

Vision Statement

The Enoch Echo allows our community to maintain an awareness of community events and programs, while providing a vital link of communication to increase knowledge of social issues and offer educational resources to deal with such.

Hours of work

The Enoch Echo operates on the normal work schedule of the Administration office.
However, we do cover evening and weekend events which occur after hours. You can find us on the 2nd floor of the Administration Building from Monday to Friday 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.

Contact Information

Anita Mackenzie – Manager


The IT Department of Enoch Cree Nation falls under the umbrella of the ECN Band Administration Department. Until recently, ECN IT reported in to the Operations Manager and worked along Arrow Technology Group and TSAG to provide IT services to the Nation. With the hiring of an IT Manager in September 2017, ECN IT became a stand-alone department under Administration responsible for the majority of technology that ECN utilizes in its day to day operations.

The services that ECN IT provides are as follows: day to day desktop and systems support for employees of ECN, ECN network support and administration, ECN system support and administration, ordering of IT related services, software and equipment for ECN, telephone system administration, project planning and management for IT projects, vendor engagement and management, and IT contract management. In future ECN will provide additional services to all ECN departments such as technology research and recommendations, database development and management, technology strategy planning, as well as other technology services that ECN may require.

Contact Information

Charles Papin – IT

First Nation Development Fund (FNDF)

The First Nation Development Fund provides financial coordination of First Nation Development Fund Grant Program (FNDF) funding to the River Cree Resort and Casino and the Nation. This administrative office coordinates the program application, approval, funding, reporting, and annual audits with Alberta Indigenous Relations, and ensures Enoch’s FNDF funded programs are in compliance with Government of Alberta’s First Nations Gaming Policy, Alberta lottery Grant Program and Government of Alberta regulations.

Contact Information

Ben Ground – Director FNDF


Mechet Charities Limited is dedicated to improving the community and lives of the Enoch Cree Nation and the lives of the communities in the surrounding areas of the Enoch Cree Nation, by strengthening social, community and personal development.


Mechet Charities Limited strives to be the premier First Nations Economic and Social Development organization and to provide fair, accountable and transparent management of charitable gaming funds.


  • Mechet Charities Limited holds and maintains the casino charity license for the Enoch Cree Nation.
  • AGLC has received Mechet Charities Limited application and has now been deemed eligible to receive their casino license. The license will be issued upon the day River Cree Resort and Casino opens.
  • Ensure charity license is in order and in accordance to the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Regulation, Alberta Gaming and Liquor Act and AGLC Gaming Policies; (without the charity license no dollars will flow into the community).
  • Ensure all applications approved are in compliance with the AGLC Charitable Gaming Policies.
  • Ensure the charitable casino events are operated in accordance with the Gaming and Liquor Regulations as defined in the AGLC Casino Licensee Terms and Conditions and Operating Guidelines handbook.
  • Identify and/or assess potential threats to the charitable gaming license.

For more information please visit the Mechet website.

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Casino Account Finance Department

The Casino Account Finance Department provides financial security for twenty-four (24) sub-charities affiliated with the Nation and funded from charity dollars. Services provided include payroll, accounts payable, accounts receivable, cash flow analysis, account reconciliation, banking, insurance, AGLC audit compliance, financial reporting and analysis.

Contact Information

Phyllis Arcand – Manager Finance Casino Account


Enoch Cree Nation Custodial Services is dedicated to providing the Band Office with clean, sanitary and safe working conditions. We are a service-based department emphasizing timely and effective cleaning.

Contact Information

Diana Donald – Custodian Superintendent

Enoch Taxation

The taxation department is responsible for the administration of property taxation, taxpayer relations, property tax collection, and the enforcement of payment under the Enoch Cree Nation Property Assessment Law, Annual Rates Law, and Annual Expenditure Law.


  • Coordinates land appraisals and assessments
  • Supports the ECN Finance and Audit Committee with tax revenue estimations and draft budgets or expenditure laws.
  • Coordinates the tax rate approval with the First Nations Tax Commission.
  • Issues tax notices and liaises with taxpayers.
  • Coordinates the collection of property taxes and enforcement of property tax laws


Enoch Utilities Ltd.

EUL manages the administration of service agreements related to water, wastewater and other public utilities. EUL is responsible for investing property tax revenues into a reserve fund targeted to maintain and expand current/future infrastructure requirements for the Enoch Cree Nation.

  • Coordinates water meter installation for existing and new developments.
  • Coordinates meter reading, invoicing and bill collection

Department Leaders

Amanda Morin
Amanda MorinCouncil Division Lead
Billy Morin
Billy MorinCouncil Division Lead
Keith Salmon
Keith SalmonChief Financial Officer
Ron Minks
Ron MinksChief Operations Officer