Project Description

Community services strives to benefit the community. Provides day to day services around the Nation.

Our Lady of Mercy Catholic Church

COVID-10 Update

Church Hours

Monday-Friday 9AM

Saturday 7PM

Sunday 10AM

Please call to register, will adhere to social distancing policies

Church Mass

Our church is open seven days a week. Church services are Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday for those who wish to attend.
Adoration is on the 1st Friday of the month.


Ongoing Catechism Classes – Monday 7-9pm as needed
Catechism classes teach the workings of the Catholic church. It includes exploring the beliefs, the following and how to take part in living alongside the Bible.

Ongoing Marriages Classes – 3 Month Preparation Course
Entering into marriage is an important decision and with this, we encourage people to complete the Marriage Classes before their special day. It is also a requirement in a couple wishes to marry within the Catholic Church. Here you will explore the love and commitment in your relationship and in with Christ.

Other Services

We provide the following services:

  • Funeral Services
  • Wake Services
  • Father provides Services upon family’s request for communion, last sacraments, and blessing of the sick
  • Cursillo, 12 Step Program, Ultreya
  • Lac St Anne Pilgrimage
  • Provide funeral planning services for community members
  • Feasts and cultural, ceremonies

Contact Information

Marilyn Ward – Program Manager

Box 119
Enoch, AB
T7X 3Y3

Community Centre

Community is the heart of Enoch Cree Nation and it is important for us to have a place that brings the people of our community together. What better way than to connect at the Enoch Community Centre. Here, we have a place that provides the opportunity for individual growth of all ages and community connection through recreational activities.

Services Provided

  • Ice Rentals
  • Gym/Hall Rentals
  • Youth Department (see brochure of The Enoch Youth Department for more information)
  • Board Room and Training Room

Contact Information

Dalton Morin – Community Centre Manager
Alana Morin – Executive Assistant

Box 150
Enoch, AB
T7X 3Y3

Enoch Disaster and Emergency Preparedness Program (EDEPP)

It is the unfortunate reality that disasters can occur. In order to prepare the community and prevent greater damage and harm, we have the Enoch Disaster and Emergency Preparedness Program (EDEPP). This program was created with the purpose of keeping our community and the individuals in it as safe as can be. We believe it is important to give people the tools and resources needed in case of emergencies.

Services Provided

This programme provides information, training and resources to prepare people at Enoch for disaster situations.
Training and awareness can give people the knowledge of how to handle, react and what to do in a disaster situation, which can then prevent deaths and provide safety.

We provide and create:

  • Emergency kits
  • Disaster emergency readiness plans
Our team responds to all situations that may be an emergency or disaster including:
  • Natural occurrences such as ice storms, floods, tornadoes any other weather related events
  • Human and other factors such as fires, gas blowouts, waterline/gas leaks or breaks, sour gas leaks, dangerous goods accidents and epidemics.

Specific Responsibilities

  • Coordinating the development of an overall Emergency Preparedness Plan
  • Coordinate the Nation’s response activities during an emergency or disaster to save lives, protect property and the environment
  • Provide effective recovery services through coordination, cooperation and communication
  • Work with the Federal and Provincial Governments and other jurisdictions and organizations that form a network of resources to develop and maintain a range of emergency response plans and assistance
  • Develop, implement and maintain standards for emergency management training
  • Manage disaster recovery programs that assist Enoch Cree Nation members
  • Assist all Nation’s Departments to develop and test their contingency service plans to ensure continuity of programs and services following a disaster or emergency

Contact Information

Jensen Morin – Manager
Eugene Papin – Assistant Manager

Maskekosak Transportation

Enoch Cree Nation’s charter service sets out to provide a safe and enticing motor coach experience at an affordable price. We are poised to become a leader in First Nations motor coach rentals within Western Canada.

Our Services

  • Airport Services
  • Team Travel
  • Concert Events
  • Field Trips
Responsible Drivers, Reliable Charters!

Respond to road, rail and air traffic accidents as well as fires in homes, buildings and open spaces.

Contact Information

William J. Morin – Charter Coordinator

Equestrian Program

The relationship with horses is a deep one and with the companionship of these animals, many are able to find happiness, healing, and healthy exercise. Horses give us purpose, peace and a way to connect to nature and to animals. Our Equestrian program works hard at caring and training the animals in our care.

Training Provided

The following is a list of the various training we offer for ECN members:

  • Provide Spring Training
  • Provide Horse Riding, when horses are available
  • Groom Training
  • Provide Gallop Training
  • Job Training for band members
  • Indian Relay Training
  • Horse Dance – Can Train the horses
  • Rodeo – Provided a rodeo two year

Services Provided

We also provided several services for ECN community:

  • Training for band members
  • Horsemanship – Provide grooming Training
  • Operate and maintain race track
  • Operate and maintain stables
  • Provide horse care
  • Provide Traditional Funeral Services with proper protocol
  • Treaty days, provide racing
  • Aboriginal Day. Provide Services
  • Prep for the Enoch Cree Nation Pow wow, Parking area

Contact Information

Levi Morin – Program Manager

Fire Services

Enoch Cree Nation Fire Department provides a range of emergency and non-emergency services.

Services Provided

We also provide services for ECN community:

  • Fire prevention training for band members
  • Make sure people are aware of fire hazards and how to stay safe by visiting schools, communities and people in their own homes.
  • Respond to road, rail and air traffic accidents as well as fires in homes, buildings and open spaces.

  • Contact Information

    Waylon Stamp – Acting Fire Chief

    Department Leaders

    Lyle Morin
    Lyle MorinCouncil Division Lead
    Shane Morin
    Shane MorinCouncil Division Lead
    Cody Thomas
    Cody ThomasCouncil Division Lead
    Lenore Alexander
    Lenore AlexanderExecutive Director