Project Description


The Office of the Chief strives to maintain positive working relationships with all Nation departments, the City of Edmonton and other external stakeholders. The Chief’s area maintains a balance between Culture and business operations, matching traditions with progress.

Office of the Chief

The Office of the Chief is the main point of contact for Enoch Cree Nation’s governing body (Chief and Council). Its main role is to provide administrative support to Chief and Council so they can provide services to the ECN membership.

The Office of the Chief strives to maintain positive working relationships with all Nation departments, municipal, federal, provincial, international governments, and other external stakeholders.

The Chief’s area maintains a balance between Culture and business operations, matching traditions with progress.

Chief and Council are Responsible for:

  • Determining goals and priorities for the Nation.
  • Developing and approving policies, bylaws, laws and major capital projects.
  • Planning and providing services and programs.
  • Approving the Nation’s budget.
  • Representing the Nation at all levels of governance.

Contact Information

Jody Donald – Chief of Staff


Maskêkosihk Wehtamatowak translates as ‘Enoch People Telling One Another’. Enoch Cree Nation is evolving into a new direction of marketing, branding, media relations. Creating a path towards an integration of ideas and directions that illustrates the the goals and objectives of communications in Enoch. Specifically, communications is a service to the Nation that engages the implementation of an overall communications strategy.

A goal of the Enoch Communications is to boost awareness and understanding of local government activities, processes, policies, and priorities among Membership both on-reserve and off-reserve, community members, and the general public.

Services Provided

  • Develop and maintain a website that communicates a variety or materials to include brochures, planning documents, community photos, and other publications.

  • Connect the Nation to the media and improve public image by dispersing news about the Nation.

  • Work closely with internal departments and leadership for delivery of pertinent information and planning of initiatives.

  • Assist in designing and implementing Enoch Cree Nation’s public engagement activities and provide support for announcements directed toward membership

Contact Information

Tanya Cardinal – Communications Coordinator

Department Operation Description


“To build upon and recognize the power and importance of youth leaders by providing them with the opportunity to take action and provide a youth perspective to the community of Maskekosihk”.

The Enoch Youth Advisory Council (EYAC) are in a position where they will be able to advise and advocate on behalf of the Enoch Cree Nation youth population. The EYAC is an advisory body and not a decision body. The EYAC consist of 10 young people ages between 14 to 26 that are passionate about the Enoch Cree Nation community issues and topics that are child and youth related. The EYAC will provide Enoch Cree Nation with a youth perspective on current community topics, policies, programming, and activities.  The EYAC will work in collaboration with the Enoch Elder Advisory Council to advise Chief and Council on any community concerns or initiatives that are focused on the well-being of the nation. This unique collaboration between our elders and youth will allow for our experienced leaders to help mentor our leaders of the future.

Services Provided

  • The Enoch Youth Advisory Council will be responsible to providing insight and advice to Maskekosak in relation to the issues or areas that are affecting the children and youth of Enoch Cree Nation.
  • Provide a youth’s perspective in community topics and activities.
  • To coordinate community events that are focused on “Building a Healthier Community”.
  • To be mentors and role-models for the children and youth of Maskekosak; while promoting healthy positive living.
  • The Enoch Youth Advisory Council will establish and maintain relationships with youth, community programs, and other municipals.
  • To work collaboratively with all EYAC members, Enoch Elders Advisory Council, and the community of Maskekosak.
  • Members may be expected to meet outside of the monthly EYAC meetings to advise on or participate in Youth projects, meetings, and to attend community events.
  • Plan and participate in working groups to work on special projects or events.
  • To be representative’s as youth ambassador for the Enoch Cree Nation.
  • Meet monthly on the first Tuesday of the month with all EYAC members and are required to participate in a semi and annually evaluation/reports to Chief and Council.

Contact Information

Scarlett Papin – Child and Youth Advocate/Band Designate


Research and compile data, catalogue history on all Enoch Cree Nation Laws, Bylaws, and Policies. Engage various leadership, the community, committees, and boards pertaining to law and bylaw development.

Services Provided

  • Ensure all legal binders are communicated to all applicable departments and external agencies as approved by Chief and Council.

  • Develop legal procedures in law and bylaw development.

  • Assist in coordinating Chief and Council elections and referendums.

  • Attend intergovernmental meeting pertaining to First Nation, Provincial, and Federal relationship.

Contact Information

Cheri Jubinville-Greaney – Legal Admin Coordinator

Membership Department

Membership Department is responsible for the registration of Enoch Members, and operates according to the Indian Registry and the Enoch Cree Nation Membership Code (effective April 4, 2004).

Services Provided

  • Assist members in registering reportable events such as births, death, marriages, name changes & amendments.
  • Processing Certified Indian Status Cards
  • Maintain & update population stats
  • Maintain Enoch Member files
  • Assist with band Referendums and Elections
  • Assist the INAC Department staff with Treaty Payments
  • Schedule DNA – for Membership Applicants
  • Verify membership – for Band Departments & outside agencies
  • Commission documents

Contact Information

Yvonne A Morin – Manager
Sonya McDonald – Membership Co-Ordinator Level I
Erin Morin – Membership Co-Ordinator Level II
Beverly Jackson – Membership Co-Ordinator Level II

Police Services

Contributing to safer and healthier Indigenous communities is one of the five strategic priorities of the RCMP. Delivering culturally competent police services provides the foundation necessary to build relationships and partnerships with the more than 600 Indigenous communities we serve.

Our shared and unique history with Canada’s Indigenous peoples provides an environment in which we can work collaboratively to improve community health and wellness. We are committed to continue building upon these relationships as we encourage, sustain and foster honest and open dialogue among our Indigenous partners. As we work together, the RCMP is in a position to assist and advocate for Indigenous communities at a local and national level.

We contribute to healthier Indigenous communities by,

  • promoting and encouraging the recruitment of Indigenous people as potential employees and police officers
  • working collaboratively with the communities to ensure enhanced and optimized service delivery by developing relevant and culturally competent police services
  • contributing to the development of community capacity to prevent crime through on-going social development
  • maintaining and strengthening partnerships with Indigenous communities, our policing and government partners, stakeholders and with Indigenous organizations
  • promoting and using alternative / community justice initiatives for Indigenous people
  • demonstrating value for service through the development, management and evaluation of the detachment performance plan created in collaboration with the local Indigenous communities
  • contributing to public policy development and implementation and development to assist in building safer, and healthier Indigenous communities

Contact Information – Enoch Cree Nation RCMP


To achieve our vision of being a self-sufficient Nation , we have to have the appropriate government structures and laws in place that fit the needs of the community as a whole. This means moving away from the needs of the community as a whole. This means moving away from the outdated Indian Act and developing our own custom structures and laws with ongoing community engagement.

We will achieve self governance by:

  • Establishing an Enoch Cree Nation Constitution that will specify who we are as Cree people and the overall design of our government, its structure and the distribution within the it the rights and authority of leadership.
  • Establishing a custom Election Law that will foster a stronger, more stable and effective government for our membership, removing us from the Indian Act Indian Band Election Results.
  • Revising the current Membership Code to identify the gaps that exists both federally and locally
  • Settling the Yekau Lake Bombing Range Specific Claim with the Government of Canada

Our Strategic Priorities

  • Creating a new governance structure away from the Indian Act towards sovereignty
  • Financial Transparency and Accountability
  • Long-term community planning in Land Use, Health, Housing and Infrastructure
  • Life Long learning and education as a primary value amongst membership
  • Traditional Cree Culture Language and Ceremony revival
  • Empowerment of Enoch’s people – moving them away from dependency

Our Values

  • Honesty  ka kwayasksihcikêwinik or kwayask itâtisiwin
  • Respect  kihcêyihtowin or manâcihtowin
  • Balance  mîyo pimâtisiwin
  • Integrity  kwayaskâtisîwin
  • Fairness  peyakwan êsi kanawâpamat ayisîynîw
  • Transparency  ê kanawapatêhiwêhk
  • Growth  ê akamêmototamihk
  • Commitment  asotâmawin
  • Mutual Support  sîtoskâtowin
  • Empowerment  mâmawi wîcihitôwin

Department Leaders

Chief William (Billy) Morin
Chief William (Billy) Morin
Phone: Ext. (780) 470-4505 Ext 6901
Mr. Ron Minks
Mr. Ron MinksChief Operating Officer
Phone: Ext. (780)470-4505 Ext. 6909
Jody DonaldChief of Staff
Phone: Ext. (780)470-4505 Ext. 6901