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Project Description

Department Operation Description:

The Enoch Cree Nation will try to promote effective Management of our lands and resources by enhancing professional development and technical expertise.  As a department we ensure that we maintain the integrity of the Nation by exercising the best possible control over our land and resources. We strive to ensure the protection of the collective interests of the Enoch Cree Nation Lands and the individual rights of our Members.  We promote sustainable development and sound land management practices.

Department Operation Services Provided:

  • Review, negotiate and process Agricultural Permits & Leases, Oil & Gas Agreements, Right-of-way Agreements and Temporary Workspace Agreements.
  • Prepare Land Transfers, Lands BCR’s and other Legal Documents
  • Assist with New Housing Land Allotments
  • Assist with Band Designations and Referendums
  • Ensure Compliance with Enoch Cree Nation By-laws and other applicable legislation
  • Responsible for the execution, registration, cancellation and administration of all transactions that effect Enoch Lands and Resources
  • Prepare land lease, surface lease rentals and transalta power pole payments

Enoch Cree Nation Taxation

Since 1970, the Enoch Cree Nation has operated with a “Property Taxation Law”, which was under Section 83 of the Indian Act.

And then in 2016, Enoch Cree Nation joined the First Nations Tax Commission, and under Section 6 of the First Nations Fiscal Management Act (FNFMA) that Enoch Cree Nation received approval of their Property Assessment and Property Taxation Laws.  These laws allow the ECN to levy and collect property tax.  Property assessment and taxation laws are part of a group of laws called “local revenue laws” that a First Nation can pass under the FMA.  These laws not only establish the legal authority to collect real PROPERTY taxes first, and then consider building on that established framework with additional local revenue laws such as other law considerations; development cost charges law, property transfer tax law, and business activity tax law.  All property assessment and tax laws MUST comply with all requirements set out in FMA, in FMA regulations, and in FNTC standards.

Each year, the ECN Chief and Council pass annual tax rates and expenditure laws to reflect the standards/rates of the year, which harmonizes with other municipalities.

Department Services

The ECN Taxation department provides an approved “Appraiser”, who will conduct the annual appraisals for the ECN, and then the annual tax rates are applied to these.  The tax notices are then sent out prior to June of each fiscal year, and all property tax payers are invoiced and must pay their taxes within 30-days.  Penalties of arrears are also calculated on a monthly basis to reflect the laws.  Monies are then collected and used toward ECN Administrative costs within their local budgets annually.  Any tax payers who wish to appeal their appraisals within their set tax rates may do so.  There is an appeal process as per laws and an Appeal panel will hear all legitimate appeals.

Contact Information

Anna Morin Demchuk – Manager

Department Leaders

Shane Peacock
Shane Peacock Council Division Lead
Michelle Wilsdon
Michelle WilsdonCouncil Division Lead