Project Description

Department Operation Description:

The Planning and Development Services division supports the sustainable development and stewardship of Enoch lands.  We accomplish this mandate by coordinating and implementing the following priorities:

  • Ensure that land use and other plans are developed, implemented, adopted and amended.
  • Ensure that infrastructure and servicing plans for the Nation align with the land use plan.
  • Establish and implement land use laws and zoning regulations.
  • Establish and implement a process for approving land development projects.
  • Develop and implement an environmental management framework.
  • Ensure the appropriate land instruments are in place as they relate to approved development projects or land use activities.
  • Provides administration of the Nations property taxation laws throughout the complete annual tax cycle.
  • Provides advice, negotiation and administration of service agreements with neighboring jurisdictions.
  • Safeguard Treaty and Indigenous rights by participating in Nation-Crown-Industry consultation processes related to projects on reserve and throughout our traditional territory.
  • Ensure community consultation is an ongoing process as it relates to land development projects.

Planning and Development Services

Planning Services provides ongoing planning and coordination of land development to ensure that projects are sustainable, environmentally sound, and align with the short and long-term vision established by our community.


  • Prepares land use and community plans.
  • Enforces land use laws, zoning regulations, and policies.
  • Processes applications for proposed commercial and industrial development on Enoch Cree Nation land.
  • Provides professional assistance with all aspects of the development process.
  • Collaborates with the City of Edmonton and Parkland County on land use issues along shared borders.

Contact Information

Corina Hollingworth – Executive Director

Infrastructure Planning

Ensures that a master servicing plan is in effect and continually updated to evaluate servicing strategies to accommodate Enoch’s growth.


  • Prepares long-range plans for water distribution, sanitary sewer collection, stormwater conveyance and transportation networks.
  • Supports Capital Projects Department with the development of new infrastructure on reserve.
  • Collaborates with the City of Edmonton and Parkland County on a range of planning initiatives related to transportation, regional growth strategies, water systems, and sewer treatment.
  • Supports the negotiation and management of service agreements with neighboring jurisdictions and utility providers.
Christopher Morin – Infrastructure Planning Manager

Lands Office

The lands office is responsible for a wide spectrum of land management activities including land instrument execution, registration and compliance.


  • Review negotiate and process agricultural permits & leases, Oil & Gas agreements, right-of-way agreements and temporary workspace agreements.
  • Prepare land transfers, lands BCR’s and other legal documents
  • Assist with new housing land allotments
  • Ensure compliance with Enoch Cree Nation by-laws and other applicable legislation
  • Responsible for the execution, registration, cancellation and administration of all transactions that effect Enoch lands and resources
  • Prepare land lease, surface lease rentals and other payments
Yvonne Morin– Senior Lands Advisor


The Environment department aims to protect our land, conserve natural resources and regulate development. Through planning, policy development, conservation, status evaluation, and regulation & administration; environmental management aims to mitigate and deter any adverse effects on the ecosystem, while preserving the land for future generations.


  • Provides environmental reviews and project planning support for all capital infrastructure projects, economic land development projects and contaminated sites.
  • Supports, and reviews Environmental Assessments required for proposed land use activities and remediation plans for contaminated sites.
  • Implements a field monitoring system for activities which may have an adverse impact on the environment for Enoch reserve and traditional lands.
  • Conducts research, develops plans, strategies and policies for Enoch environmental protection and resource management.
  • Conducts regular environmental compliance inspections of all land use activities, facilities and boundaries of Enoch lands.
  • Community outreach activities to increase awareness of environmental issues and encourage collective stewardship.
Noami Torres – Environmental Stewardship Coordinator


The Consultation Department is tasked with facilitating meaningful consultation within the context of distinctive First Nation Inherent, Treaty and Constitutionally protected rights.


  • Facilitation of effective and meaningful consultation between Industry, Government and Enoch Cree Nation.
  • Coordinating and participating in Traditional Use Site Assessments.
  • Provision of recommendations to mitigate adverse impacts resulting from landuse change and development.
Bryant McDonald – Consultation Manager

Enoch Taxation

The taxation department is responsible for the administration of property taxation, taxpayer relations, property tax collection, and the enforcement of payment under the Enoch Cree Nation Property Assessment Law, Annual Rates Law, and Annual Expenditure Law.


  • Coordinates land appraisals and assessments
  • Supports the ECN Finance and Audit Committee with tax revenue estimations and draft budgets or expenditure laws.
  • Coordinates the tax rate approval with the First Nations Tax Commission.
  • Issues tax notices and liaises with taxpayers.
  • Coordinates the collection of property taxes and enforcement of property tax laws
Anna Morin Demchuk – Tax Administrator

Enoch Utilities Ltd.

EUL manages the administration of service agreements related to water, wastewater and other public utilities. EUL is responsible for investing property tax revenues into a reserve fund targeted to maintain and expand current/future infrastructure requirements for the Enoch Cree Nation.

  • Coordinates water meter installation for existing and new developments.
  • Coordinates meter reading, invoicing and bill collection
Anna Morin Demchuk – Manager

Department Leaders

Shane Morin
Shane MorinCouncil Division Lead
Michelle Wilsdon
Michelle WilsdonCouncil Division Lead
Corina HollingworthExecutive Director