Health Management & Support – miyo macihowin

Health Management & Support – miyo macihowin


Miyo Machihowin translates as good health, the Miyo Macihowin department consists of the several health promoting programs. Through a collaborative coordinating approach Enoch Health Services continues to provide services to the members of our community. To achieve the Nation’s vision of being unified, prosperous, and self-sufficient, we have to break down barriers that exist and focus on building a healthy community that is connected, involved, and proud.


  • Community Health Nurses
  • Community Health Worker
  • Occupational
  • Wellness Centre
  • Pharmacy
  • Medical Doctors


  • Lynn McGillis Senior Manager (Internal) 780.975.8255 780.470.5440 Show Email
  • Colleen McDonald Senior Manager (External) 780.993.9230 780.470.5440 Show Email
  • Sherry McDonald Admin Coordinator 780.964.2208 780.470.5440 Show Email
  • Joanne Robertson Medical Office Administrative 587.936.8509 780.470.5440 Show Email


Enoch Health Services (Internal and External)

Enoch Health Services (Internal and External)

Enoch Cree Nation is a leader, although the health programs and services that Health Canada provides funding, this does not meet all the needs of the community. Enoch Cree Nation has recently entered in a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Alberta Health, Alberta Health Services, Health Canada, which the first of its kind in Alberta. With the intent and commitment of addressing the service gaps within our community. This agreement was in no way binding and/or infringes on any treaty rights to health.

With health growing at a quick pace, and a priority to Chief and Council it was determined that there was a great need to streamline both internal health services and external health partnerships.


  • Developing a health board in new year, draft terms of reference are currently being looked at. The intent of the health board is to foster community engagement and bring together expertise that will strengthen Enoch Cree Nation’s capacity to improve health outcomes.
  • Working on a comprehensive community health needs assessment (currently underway).
  • Enoch Cree Nation is looking the health department accredited through the Canadian Accreditation Council. For some, accreditation can create unknowns, but be reassured that for our Health Department it will create accountability and excellence that our members deserve.

Enoch Health Services is undergoing substantial renovations. Please be patient with us. We are keeping our closures to a minimum to ensure ongoing access to services and programs.


  • Megan Ward Community Health Worker 780.242.0972 780.470.5440 Show Email
Doctor's Office

Doctor's Office

We follow nehiyaw wiyasiwewina (Cree Laws), including manachitowin.

“Respect – be gentle, kind and do not hurt anyone’s feelings.”

Dr. Leung provides virtual care, however can be seen in-person on a as needed basis.

Dr. McBeath is on Fridays only. For appointments please call her office @ 780-735-4512.

Lisa Nider, Massage Therapist

  • Monday – Tuesday. Insurance benefits service. Call 780-914-4803 to book.

Clair Golda, Physiotherapist

  • YTC without benefits. Call 780-470-5440 to book.

Joanna Parnell, Massage Therapist

  • YTC without benefits. Call 780-470-5440 to book


  • Joanne Robertson Medical Office Administrative 587.936.8509 780.470.5440 Show Email
Enoch Diabetes Program

Enoch Diabetes Program

This program assists with providing comprehensive Diabetes Management for the Enoch Community through our specialty diabetes management resources.

Through education of healthy lifestyle choices, we aim to reduce Type 2 diabetes among the community and to help those with Diabetes manage their disease in the healthiest way possible. Success will be found through the support of health promotions and primary prevention activities and services.

Life with Diabetes

While Type 2 diabetes is a serious health concern, if addressed and managed correctly, individuals can live a long and healthy life. According to Diabetes Canada, this can be achieved by:

  • Eating healthy meals and snacks
  • Enjoying regular physical activity
  • Monitoring blood sugar
  • Aiming and maintaining a healthy body weight
  • Taking medications needed
  • Managing stress effectively

Services Provided

Working with your health-care team and accessing the supports here are encouraged. We are here to help and we do this through a variety of ways:

  • Monthly clinics with Internal Medicine Specialist for Diabetes Management
  • Monthly Podiatry clinics for screening and foot care
  • Provide education and support to community members in managing diabetes and other chronic conditions
  • Arranging cooking classes and individual counselling sessions with Dietician
  • Monthly Cardiology clinics for screening and assessments by Cardiologists
  • Planning gatherings for socialization and stress reduction for families that are affected by chronic illness
  • Community promotion of physical activity and other healthy lifestyle choices


  • Susan McGillis Manager and Diabetes Coordinator 780.470.5440 780.470.5440 Show Email
Health Aid & Relief

Health Aid & Relief

The program provides services for Enoch Cree Nation band members as well as community members who live on the Nation. Individuals who are eligible for the program are those who experience multiple, severe impairments of their ability to accomplish the tasks of daily living necessary to live independently in a community due to health and medical problems. Examples of these tasks of daily living would include housekeeping, shopping, meal preparation, laundry, simple home maintenance and medication management.

The program is a service provider of last resort. Family members are expected to provide all the necessary help to the client that can be reasonably expected. The program will not duplicate existing services that are accessible to the client. The program will provide referrals for existing services that have not yet been accessed.

Program Guidelines

The following principles provide guidance to the program when providing services to individuals:

  • Clients are assessed as individuals with their own unique set of needs;
  • The level of assistance provided depends on the clients’ level of need;
  • Clients are encouraged to maintain as much independence as possible;
  • Family have the primary responsibility of meeting the needs of the client;
  • Assistance will be provided only if the client is incapable of doing it themselves;
  • Assistance will be provided only when all other interventions that might enable independence have been tried (i.e., assistive equipment, home adaptations, etc.);
  • Clients will receive services only as long as they are required; client needs should be reassessed periodically;

Services will be delivered in the most cost-effective manner possible; the program should be periodically evaluated to ensure there is no unnecessary waste.


  • Cheryl Hankinson Program Manager 780.913.3102 780.470.5440 Show Email
  • Shannon Morin Advisor 780.470.5440
Enoch Home Care

Enoch Home Care

Access to proper medical attention and care is essential for our physical health and well-being. When individuals need the extra support in the comfort of their house; Home Care can help.

Home Care involves the work of skilled Nurses and Health Care Aides in the homes of Enoch Cree Nation. They provide medical assistance to clients under the provision of their family doctors, for the purpose of promoting and/or maintaining health or minimizing the effects of illness or disability in the home.

What We Do

To promote the health and physical well-being of individuals, we provide the services of several health care professionals. These professionals are able to provide their services in the comfort of one’s home.

Home Care Nurses
Registered nurses and licensed practical nurse will visit clients in the home, providing hands on care for a variety of health concerns and needs. They will also educate the client and family on their own selfcare and prevention.

Health Care Aides
Workers who provide respectful personal care assistance and basic health services directly to the clients under the supervision of the nurses.

Occupational Therapist
They will come to a home to assess on home safety and equipment and orders equipment as needed for the patients in their home.

Services Include:

  • Monitoring Vital Signs
  • Blood Glucose Monitoring
  • Wound Care
  • Medication administration and Monitoring
  • Equipment Assessments & Provision
  • Home Safety Assessment
  • Case Management
  • Medical Referrals
  • Liaison with Doctors
  • Personal Care Assistance
  • Delivery of Supplies
  • Accompany on Appointments
  • In Home Visits

Assist with Teaching pre and post op


  • Holly Calliou Home Care Manager 780.945.7930 780.470.4947 Show Email
  • Darlene Savard Health Care Aid Homecare 780.975.1305 780.470.4947 Show Email
  • Lori Ward Licensed Practical Nurse 780.893.7599 780.470.4947 Show Email
  • Jeanine Thomas Health Care Aide Homecare 780.965.1046 780.470.4947 Show Email
  • Justice Cardinal LPN Homecare 780.470.5440 780.470.4947 Show Email
Enoch Health Services Medical Transportation

Enoch Health Services Medical Transportation

Medical Transportation is provided to Band Community members who are in need of transportation to and from their medical appointments that are not in the community.

Client Eligibility

  • Must be a Canadian resident and registered or eligible to be registered under a provincial or territorial health insurance plan and have the following status:
  • Registered Indian according to the Indian Act; or An infant less than 18 months old whose parent is a registered First Nations person
  • Must be living on reserve
  • Medical Transportation can be provided to access the following services:
    • Appointments with a Dentist, Doctor, Mental Health Therapist, etc.
  • Hospital admissions and day surgery
  • Hospital Discharge
  • Alcohol, Drug, Solvent abuse and rehabilitation treatment
  • To receive any lab work that is needed such as Ultrasound, X-Ray, Blood work, etc
  • Traditional Healer

Rules and Regulations for Medical Transportation

Clients who require assistance MUST be accompanied by an escort*. This includes clients that are having day surgery and will require assistance after their procedure. Any client under the age of 18 MUST also be accompanied by an escort. The escort must be able to sign consent forms or be able to provide patient history. An escort should not require assistance for his or her own needs during the trip.

*Escort may include:

  • Medical Escort
  • Registered Nurse
  • Non-Medical Escort
  • Parent
  • Legal Guardian
  • Family member

Clients who have children that do not have appointments must find childcare prior to their trip. Extra passengers will not be allowed to ride in the Medical Transportation vehicle.Parents must also provide the appropriate car/booster seat for their children that are attending medical appointments.

Transportation Hours

Monday to Friday 8:30am – 4:30pm.

Transportation needed for early mornings, evenings and weekends may be arranged with proper notice.
Clients should give at least 24 hour notice for their appointments and must cancel 24 hour ahead to avoid being placed on our no show list.


  • Cheryl Dumais Medical Transportation Coordinator 780.953.1980 780.470.5440 Show Email
  • Christopher Callingbull Medical Transportation Driver 780.782.6251 780.470.5440 Show Email
  • Harvey Morin Medical Transportation Driver 780.937.7273 780.470.5440 Show Email
Registered Psychiatric Nurse

Registered Psychiatric Nurse

As a Registered Psychiatric Nurse (RPN), my area is focused on mental health, mental health disorders, assisting people living with a mental illness or mental health challenges, and to provide a wide variety of nursing services to clients for the purpose of promoting, maintaining, and/or restoring health and mental health. As part of my role I will teach, counsel, and advocate on behalf of patients and take necessary steps to ensure safety and well-being. This program/service is dedicated to build better mental health, and mental health care for individuals and families in the community.

Services Provided

Community based mental health services such as:

  • Individual therapy
  • Family counselling
  • Treatment plans
  • Administration of depot injections
  • Ongoing support and advocacy for clients
  • Referral/connection to appropriate mental health services and support
  • Community awareness and education
  • Mental health crisis support
  • Compassionate holistic care in the best interest of the individuals
  • Interactive mental health groups and activities


  • Brenda Mental Health Counsellor
Community Health

Community Health

Community health goals are to promote health across the lifespan from conception to the elderly. We aim to prevent and control chronic diseases, injuries and to control infectious disease. We also prepare for and respond to public health emergencies in partnership with Enoch’s disaster services.

We offer Communicable disease prevention, pre and postnatal program, well baby clinic, animal bite safety, school health, environmental health inspections, and emergency preparedness to prevent spread of disease.

Services Include

  • Communicable Disease Control (CDC)
  • Routine  immunization program (Infant/child and adult)
  • We offer seasonal influenza clinics usually mid Oct to April/May depending on the severity of influenza
  • Notifiable diseases/outbreak management including communicable diseases emergency planning and infection control.
  • Prevention for Blood-Borne Pathogens and Sexually Transmitted Infections (BBP/STI).
  • Tuberculosis control.

Environmental Public Health Services

Environmental Health Officers (EHOs) provide public health risk assessments, inspections and recommendations to Chief and Council and community members. EHOs provide public health inspections of food facilities, public and social housing as well as wastewater and solid waste disposal/ The Drinking Water Safety Program monitors the quality of water supplies in the community.

School Health

We offer mandatory immunization program as per national guidelines for grade 6 & 9, and update preschool age children as well. We work in collaboration with Kitaskinaw school to prevent the spread of disease. We are a resource for health information for individuals, families, and school staff.We provide pre school screening for K5 students entering grade one this includes vision screening, growth measurements,  developmental screening, speech and language assessment, dental and nutrition screening.

Maternal and Newborn Health

We support and strengthen the developing mother-baby, father/support partner and family relationship within a cultural context. We offer prenatal and postnatal classes regularly and we also offer 1:1 classes to accommodate the client’s schedule. We offer prenatal vitamins.With prenatal registration we offer weekly food coupon for North on 60 and we continue to offer for up to a year for breastfeeding mothers. We include a variety of fun activities, moss bag making with teachings, baby moccasins, seasonal crafts, sewing baby items, baby food making, canning, and big batch cooking. We also promote injury prevention which includes car seat refund program and education. We provide labour and delivery education and support which includes doula support during labour. We offer many incentives for attending and completing classes this includes a layette package, breastfeeding bags, long pillow for mom, yoga package or swim passes.


  • Sabrina Wood Acting Nurse in Charge 587.921.6486 780.418.5079 Show Email
asiniy kihew (Wellness Centre)

asiniy kihew (Wellness Centre)

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  • Jason James Manager 780.470.5440 825.889.0414 Show Email
  • Vivian Dersch Mental Health Wellness + Addictions 780.470.4505 780.362.2259 Show Email


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