Project Description

The Executive Director oversees all of the departments within the division, and assists the Managers with their daily operations. The Infrastructure Division investigates the needs of the community and works alongside the Divisional Leads, Chief and Council and the Planning Division to plan and construct projects for Enoch Cree Nation. We ensure that every contractor working on a large-scale capital project will employ Enoch members and utilize Enoch equipment, bringing both incomes and revenues back to the community. Infrastructure works with various funding agencies to acquire outside resources to fund various projects for the Nation as a part of our annual Capital Plan submission. We are committed to working with all ECN departments to ensure that all our buildings, employees and job sites are adhering to the highest safety standards. The Infrastructure Division is one of the biggest employers in Enoch, with approximately 140 full-time staff, this number increases during peak construction season. We strongly encourage capacity building for Enoch Cree Nation band and community members by pursuing a career in any of the various trades.

Capital Projects

The Capital Projects Department oversees major developments for the Enoch Cree Nation. This can include new construction, renovations, repairs or plans to change the physical infrastructure for the community. Project funds may be provided by federal or provincial government dollars, grants, Mechet funds or by the Nation.

Department Operations

  • Project Liaison – IE: The New School construction, the Waterline/Pump House Project
  • Ongoing renovations/upgrades to public facilities
  • Communicate with internal and external stakeholders.
  • Contact Information

    Terrence Morin  – Manager

    Community Improvements

    The Community Improvements Department is a subsidiary of Enoch Housing Authority LTD., formerly known as ‘Parks and Beatifications’. This department’s focus is on the exterior care of public spaces and residential areas for Elders and those with mobility concerns.

    Department Operations

    • Snow removal from Elder homes and apartment buildings.
    • New home landscaping.
    • Lawn maintenance for public areas, roadways and Elder home.

    • Provision of firewood for funerals and ceremonies

    Contact Information

    Lee Morin – Manager

    Enoch Community Asset Protection Program

    Officially, the Enoch Community Asset Protection Program (ECAPP) was started in 2008 to meet requirements of the Alberta Gaming & Liquor Commission (AGLC). ECAPP receives its mandate according to the Security Services and Investigators Act of Alberta, which is a department of the Solicitor General. This sets a high quality of standard for visible, and well trained licensed professionals to serve the Nation. It is also the Nation’s Security Program that provides protection to the Nation’s members and assets.

    Located in the Enoch Cree Nation 108 Building just off 215 St. # 112, ECAPP was created to provide a structured security program. It has continued to take care of the Nation and its community members and strives to establish a safe place to live and work.

    Who We Are

    ECAPP is a team of individuals which include; manager, supervisor, executive assistant, and security officers who are employed as both full-time and part-time. Working together and with the Nation, we are committed to building a safe community.

    Our Goals

    ECAPP is intended to be visible at all times in order to be available to help when needed or to deter any unwanted activity in the community.
    Whether we are stationary in a building or patrolling at night around the Enoch Cree Nation central locations and boundaries, we are there for the Nation.
    The primary jobs of security officers are to:

    • cover for a full-time security person in emergency situations
    • cover for a full-time security person who has taken short term disability, long term disability and maternity/paternity leave;
    • to provide security protection at any Enoch Cree Nation function that requires security person(s), such as:

      • Enoch Cree Nation Community Meetings, Elections & Workshops
      • Enoch Cree Nation Cultural events; Round Dances and Pow wow
      • Scheduled Sports events; Golf, Baseball & Hockey Tournaments

    Application for Employment

    Individuals are encouraged to apply, as they will gain satisfaction in knowing they are working as a team to provide safety to their community. Simply stating, all applications to ECAPP must provide a sealed criminal record check, are required to take mandatory training, and are to submit an application to the department of the Solicitor General. Upon approval by Solicitor General, applicants receive a two-year license, which entitles them to employment on the Nation, or any place situated in Alberta. All employees are responsible for maintaining a clear license and are responsible for their renewals.

    Contact Information

    Jamie Morin – Manager
    Lorraine Blyan – Executive Assistant

    Enoch Housing Authority Ltd

    The Enoch Housing Authority Ltd. was incorporated in 2004 as its own legal entity and is the governing body that oversees all of the Enoch Cree Nations residential housing needs. The board of directors is the Chief and Council of the Enoch Cree Nation. A financial management, specific to the department, performs all financial tracking by unit.

    Responsibilities and Duties

    The Enoch Housing Authority is responsible for the maintenance, construction and ordinance of all Nation Housing Assets, on and off reserve.
    To ensure the health, safety and preservation of housing units and occupants, a formal Policy was created in 2004 and presented to the membership of the Enoch Cree Nation, outlining the purpose, objectives, definitions, responsibilities and protocols in relation to housing. This policy is a living document and can only be amended by formal process.

    Currently there are over 400 units being managed under our authority including two apartment building complexes (144 units total) on reserve and 20 units off the nation whereby a rental regime is in place excluding Elder units.

    Plumbing, heating, carpentry, water/wastewater and electrical are provided for essential needs (minor/major maintenance, renovations and construction) and additional specialty services are provided for extensive or casual needs (furnace and vent cleaning, well services, mold remediation, fire restoration, fumigation, handicap modifications etc.)

    The majority of projects are completed with non-program funding (own source equity) with 85% of work being completed by band employees.

    We engage in lending agreements with CMHC’s (Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation) Section 95 subsidized mortgage program for new home construction and RRAP (forgivable loan program) for renovations. Special funding allocations occasionally offered are also utilized to provide relief for overcrowding or to promote energy efficiency.

    Pilot programs have allowed us to collect a wealth of information that not only provides an extensive asset and infrastructure inventory but aids in replacement and reserve forecasting and planning. This technology provides the ability to digitally access information instantly and accurately. Interfacing capabilities have allowed this information play a key role in addressing for the purpose of emergency services and GPS capabilities.

    Individual homeowner assistance programs encourage our members to apply for mortgages through their lending institutions for new home construction on and off the nation. These programs offer a $30,000 dollar gift towards a down payment (and up to $50,000 for infrastructure costs on the nation). This program is a first come first serve basis and is budgeted fiscally.

    Emergency Transitional assistance funding is offered once every four years to those members who live off the nation and may find themselves in distress. Eligible, members may request financial assistance for rent and damage.

    Our subsidized renovation program is based on requests as opposed to needs and occupants would be responsible for a third of the total cost and to enter into a contractual agreement with a qualified contractor. The occupant’s equity portion must be submitted prior to work commencing and the financial department of the Enoch Housing Authority Ltd would perform all financial transactions.

    The Enoch Housing Authority is committed to the changing needs of the community and strives to improve in all areas. With our ultimate responsibility being to maintain the integrity of housing assets, we work with a number of the nations departments to assist in combating the social, emergency and safety issues of occupants.

    Contact Information

    Connie Morin – Director
    Darnell Morin – Assistant Director

    Enoch Housing Authority Ltd
    Box 420
    Enoch, AB
    T7X 3Y3

    Water and Sanitation Description

    The Water and Sanitation Department consists of the following services

    • The delivery of water services to homes and facilities
    • The operation and maintenance of water and waste water equipment
    • Solid wast disposal services

    Contact Information

    Dave McDonald – Water and Sanitation Manager

    Roads and Construction Description

    Road Maintenance and Construction Services

    • Construction of new roadways and driveways
    • Maintenance of existing roads
    • Operations and maintenance of heavy equipment
    • Snow removal

    Contact Information

    Tim Alexander – Roads and Construction Manager

    Public Building Maintenance

    The Public Building Maintenance Department provides maintenance and repairs to all Enoch Cree Nation public facilities and areas.

    Responsibilities and Duties

    • Provide electrical, plumbing and HVAC repairs maintenance for Enoch Cree Nation buildings.
    • Grounds keeping services for some public areas.
    • Snow removal for public buildings.
    • Maintenance for two cemeteries.
    • Assist other Enoch Cree Nation departments and staff in various capacities.

    Contact Information

    Randy Morin – Manager

    Public Building Maintenance
    Box 29
    Enoch, AB
    T7X 3Y3

    Department Leaders

    Ronnie Morin Jr
    Ronnie Morin JrCouncil Division Lead
    Cody Thomas
    Cody ThomasCouncil Division Lead
    Victor Houle
    Victor HouleExecutive Director
    Phone: 780-470-6902